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Le 06-11-2018

For over 30 years, CSEM has focused on creating smaller, smarter, more autonomous technologies. Now, the future is in reach thanks to a new companion, CSEM IoT.

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CSEM IoT combines sensing and embedded intelligence. It detects, monitors… It thinks, acts… communicates. And even predicts.

CSEM IoT is really small, flexible, autonomous and almost invisible.

It’s photovoltaic and respects its user’s aesthetics.

It’s ultra-low-power and wireless.

It communicates with its peers, and can reorganize itself, adapting to new situations.

It can be fully customized, upgraded, and connected to other devices.

CSEM IoT collects images, sound, motion, environmental data, health indicators, and much more besides. But most importantly, CSEM IoT is intelligent: it learns, anticipating your reality.


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