automatica 2018 | How will AI ​​affect the world of work?
Le 25-05-2018

automatica 2018 | How will AI ​​affect the world of work?

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Dr. Wolfgang Hildesheim

"I think that the media are essentially emphasizing that risks exist about jobs disappearing – and think that is expressly wrong. The jobs will be retained - and the job roles will change."

Dr. Marco Huber

"One example that’s often cited is the legal system. Work on legal cases, filtering out precedents and paragraphs is an activity that can be wonderfully automated. An AI would certainly manage that."

Dr. Michael May

"I think the application of artificial intelligence that we’ll see first lies in the field of assistance systems. One example could be the accomplishment of service tasks, that is, diagnosis of errors in machines, where on the one hand you have the machine, and on the other hand you have people - and taken together, that creates added value."

Dr. Wieland Holfeder

"But we need the support of society the whole time. We naturally have to ensure that everyone can contribute towards taking this step into the future, and that means a lot of training and further education - not only in the teaching phase at the very start but throughout the profession, too.”

Dr. Marco Huber

"I think, we’re going to have to wait a long time, before we have an AI system that manages to beat people at chess, then cook a wonderful menu, then discuss politics over the same meal, and then finish up by delivering a wonderful sonata on the piano. A human being can do that but an AI system can’t just yet, not for a long time.”

Dr. Wieland Holfeder

"Well, in principle, there’s nothing artificial about artificial intelligence.
It’s made by humans – for humans. So I think we need to uphold that spirit and make sure that it remains human."


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