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FISCHER│Automated Measurement Solutions, Inspection/Analyzing random samples in running pro...
Le 12-01-2018

Nowadays, automation is found throughout most areas of industrial manufacture; automated processes are simply more efficient, faster and better networked. As experienced producers of measurement technology, FISCHER has spent decades developing contact measuring systems with which, for example, the thickness of coatings can be determined directly in a running manufacturing line. Various interfaces ensure seamless communication of the measurement values, and integrated I/O boards control interactions with other automation components. These systems, in combination with FISCHER’s vast array of probes, ensure that a fitting solution can be found for virtually any measurement task.

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Quality management in the automotive industry is already highly automated: in this area, efficiencies can be drastically increased by testing coating thicknesses directly in the production line. For this purpose, FISCHER offers measurement solutions that guarantee that the tests conducted on auto bodies are not only fast but also performed under identical conditions: a measurement head guided by a robot will always take the measurements in exactly the same way, which – compared with manual coating thickness testing – greatly minimizes the scatter. A further advantage is the direct connection between the measuring and production systems. In terms of quality management, it means that, for each piece of car body panels built, there is a detailed account of the quality values relating to the coating process.


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