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Komax Systems LCF SA
Assembly systems

Ismeca Automation - a member of the Komax Group

Custom Automatic Assembly Equipment for:

• Medical Devices
• Inkjet Cartridges
• Electro-mechanical Devices
• Automotive Components

Ismeca Automation provides custom engineered turn-key assembly systems for manufacturers in the medical device, electrical component, and consumer goods industries. Our job is to automate the assembly process for the high volume production of our customers' products. We make use of a full range of technologies in our assembly systems, from semi-automated platforms for lower cycle rates, to high speed cam driven or numerically controlled production lines. Our value added is in mastering the key processes that insure system reliability and efficiency, as well as final product quality

Ismeca Automation is a world class supplier of turn-key automatic assembly systems. With over 40 years of automation expertise, production facilities in Europe and the USA, and hundreds of successful systems installed worldwide, leading manufacturers count on Ismeca for their assembly automation solutions.

From stand alone systems costing less than $100,000 to complete lines costing over $10,000,000 Ismeca Automation has the know-how and experience that delivers reliable production systems. We partner with our customers in order to understand their needs. Our solutions are based upon proven modular designs that provide production fleixibility.

Ismeca Automation is ISO 9000 / 2000 certified. We are assembly specialists, with technology and know-how in:

• Medical Device Assembly
• Consumer Goods Assembly
• Electrical Goods Assembly
• Ink Jet Cartridge Assembly
• CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance
• FDA Validation Support (DQ, IQ, OQ)

Ismeca Automation, with over 130 employees, is a member of the Komax Group - a publically traded company quoted on the Zurich stock exchange. Komax, with a total workforce of over 700, are professionals in advanced automation, providing a full range of system solutions for electronic, medical, consumer goods, automotive, and the wire processing industries.


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