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Le 08-01-2019 : KOMAX AG - Customer Magazine
2019 / 1

Komax Deutschland GmbH – A 25-year success story
Komax strengthens its proximity to customers with Artos Engineering and Komax TSK Maroc
MicroPull 10 – Ensure quality – versatile and eff...


Le 29-01-2018 : KOMAX - Preliminary information on 2017 financial year
In the 2017 financial year, the Komax Group recorded significant increases in both order intake and revenues. At CHF 449.7 million, order intake was up 21.5% on the prior year (CHF 370.2 million), whi...


Le 17-01-2018 : Productronica Innovation Award - Triumphs for KOMAX and LASELEC
Our Sylade 7H insulation stripper won this year’s Productronica Innovation Award in the Cables, Coils & Hybrids Cluster. Two additional nominations, one in the Future Markets Cluster, complete this...


Le 06-11-2017 : KOMAX SYSTEMS LCF SA - MicroForce 80
Quality Tools

Guaranteeing quality precise and efficient

Incredibly efficient

• A detailed analysis allows the crimping process to be optimized
• Top measuring perform...


Le 10-05-2017 : KOMAX - Iota 330 : Cut and Strip
For precise cuts at all times

Simple and intuitive

• intuitive user convenience
• five hard keys with key functions combined with touch panel

Universal and quick



Le 25-01-2017 : KOMAX - Kappa 315 : Cut and Strip
Kappa 315 – powerful up to 10 mm²

The Kappa 315 is fitted with a powerful and robust blade head and has a processing range that comprises cross-sections of 0.05 mm² to 10 mm²:

• ...


Le 10-10-2016 : KOMAX - Significant increase in revenues and profit
Half-year results of Komax Group

Very good result: Significant increase in revenues and profit

The Komax Group delivered a very good result in the first half of 2016. It manag...


Le 01-06-2016 : Komax continues to invest in taping technology
Komax is continuing to strengthen its position in taping technology by acquiring Kabatec GmbH & Co. KG. The two companies signed a sales agreement on Friday 20 May, and the sale is likely to be comple...


Le 16-03-2016 : Komax strengthens position in taping technology
Komax is strengthening its position in the taping technology segment by acquiring Ondal Tape Processing. The move also further consolidates the company's standing as a total solution provider to th...


Le 02-12-2015 : KOMAX WIRE - Alpha 530 : The robust all-rounder
The robust all-rounder

Unrivaled robustness and durability

• Reliable processing of wire cross sections ranging from
• 0.13 to 4 mm² (optionally 5 mm²)
• Solid and reliable pr...


Le 10-06-2015 : KOMAX WIRE - Kappa 331 – Precise and Flexible cutting and stripping machine
Cut and Strip : Kappa 331 – Precise and Flexible cutting and stripping machine with rotary incision unit

The Kappa 331 is a modular cut and strip machine with a rotating blade module.


Le 30-01-2015 : KOMAX SYSTEMS LCF SA - NEW Gamma 263 S
Available for delivery starting February 2015

Sturdy and compact, this fully automatic crimping machine has well-engineered technology that delivers a high level of process control. The...


Le 27-08-2014 : KOMAX SYSTEMS LCF SA - Lambda 96x-Series – Transfer system for special wire application
• Wide variety of available processing modules
• Open system allows the integration of customer specific modules
• Space for up to 10 modules on one cell
• Expand up to three cells to maximize proc...


Le 26-03-2014 : KOMAX SYSTEMS LCF SA - Significant improvement in results
2013 proved to be both challenging and successful. Komax Wire was again able to build on the good results of the previous year, while Komax Medtech and Komax Solar recorded a pleasingly strong impr...


Le 21-01-2014 : KOMAX - Preliminary information on 2013 financial year
Continually thriving business at Komax Wire and an improved operating environment at both Komax Medtech and Komax Solar produced a pleasing increase in the order intake and a rise in revenues. Orde...


Le 14-01-2014 : KOMAX Solar – your partner to scale the next generation technology
You have a great idea and want to realize it?

You have a proven process in the lab and want to scale it ?

You have the next generation technology available and want to realize it in mass prod...


Le 12-09-2013 : KOMAX - Preventive Maintenance Program
Improved reliability and increased productivity

• Maximized lifetime for your machine
• Minimized risk of production stop
• Predictable and calculable maintenance costs
• Preventive maint...


Le 15-03-2013 : KOMAX - Harness Machines
The new generation of insertion machines – a quantum leap in fully automatic wire harness manufacturing

Fully automatic block loading and wire harness manufacturing will become increasingly ...


Le 14-09-2011 : Komax Systems LCF - Kappa 310
Kappa 310 – Coupe à la longueur voulue et dénudage

Une grande force, un rendement élevé et une toute nouvelle technique de détecteurs caractérisent les machines automatiques de coupe et de d...


Le 24-03-2010 : Komax Systems LCF - Assemblage de dispositifs médicaux
Une approche structurée génératrice de valeur ajoutée à chaque étape

Pour créer avec succès des machines d’assemblage pour l’industrie pharmaceutique, une entreprise doit avoir les connaissa...


Le 28-08-2009 : Komax Systems LCF - Systèmes d’assemblage automatiques
Komax Systems LCF conçoit et fabrique des systèmes d’assemblage automatiques « sur mesure » pour le domaine médical et pharmaceutique, pour les composants électrotechniques ainsi que pour des p...


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