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INNOVAUD - Portrait d'entreprise - Flon Solutions TIC
Le 16-02-2017
de Innovaud

Businesses are constantly looking for a better way to engage with their customers. Flon Solutions offers bespoke, smartphone-based marketing services that take mobile consumer engagement to the next level. Their products range from digital coupons and loyalty cards to treasure hunts and hotel & concierge services. There is also a human-resources solution that includes scheduling, timesheet and messaging features – perfect for companies with a highly mobile or part-time workforce.

Andrew Phillips, CEO of Flon Solutions, tells us about his company in his own words.

Why is digital marketing important?

Email marketing and print, TV and radio advertising have been around for a long time and are in general decline. Digital, on the other hand, is a huge interactive channel that’s not overused. So what we do is provide innovative marketing solutions and build interactive promotions to help brands and organizations engage with their customers, and we put it all in one place – the customer’s smartphone. All our products are based on a frictionless approach to getting and storing information in a familiar place.

Analytics is another advantage of digital marketing. We can measure how many people downloaded a promotion, how many people used a coupon, where they used it, when they used it, which staff member they interacted with, which ad they saw and so on.

Why is your approach innovative?

Our competitors also offer gift cards, coupons and loyalty cards, but we go further: we develop end-to-end solutions that close the gap between businesses and their customers via their smartphone. Our solutions work with Apple wallet, which is preinstalled on every iPhone. They are also Android-compatible thanks to clone apps such as PassWallet. That means no apps for businesses to create or for customers to download.

How has Innovaud supported Flon Solutions?

Innovaud provides Flon Solutions with coaching and support. They open doors for us and make a lot of introductions. They also invite us to special events set up to introduce specific startups to organizations. We were also lucky enough to get business model coaching from platinn, which made a big difference.

This region is a very good place to be located as a startup because there are a lot of global headquarters here. The key decision-makers are between Geneva and Montreux. In terms of opportunities, this region is almost like Silicon Valley. That said, you can have some really good solutions, but you need to get in front of the right person at the right time.

What are your future plans?

In terms of products, we are working on new ideas for the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. We also recently partnered with, a California-based provider of great staff scheduling and time-clocking software. And we’ve now made it super easy for our clients to build and launch their own digital wallet promotions.

More broadly, we’re trying to partner with many in-house and outside advertising agencies around the world to provide them with better services and tools. Once they’ve already figured out what they want to achieve with their customers, we help them streamline that, reduce costs and make it more effective and more measurable for their clients.

Edited by Christopher Scala


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