K-TEAM S.A. - Brilliant Robots Need Brilliant Floor !
Le 24-10-2018
de K-Team S.A.

The Kilogrid is a smart floor for your Kilobots which upgrades the Kilobot possibilities. The Kilogrid gives you the possibility to interact directly with your Kilobots with the floor and its virtual elements. You can virtually add walls, grass to water, bee to catch or anything you can imagine!

Fascinated? How does it work?

The floor is composed of electronic tiles; you can configure your playground size as much as you need. Each tile can communicate with the Kilobot directly, using the IR communication of the Kilobot and can be lighted up for more interactivity with the audience. The floor is a powerful sensor, which will collect all the data during your experiment, simplifying the design of collective behaviors and their analysis.

This intelligent floor was fully designed by the Kilogrid team at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and it is now possible to build up your own Kilogrid.

Thanks to the Kilogrid team for their work and the share for the community: Marco Dorigo, Ph.D, Gabriele Valentini, Ph.D., Anthony Antoun, Marco Trabattoni, Bernat Wiandt, Yasumasa Tamura, Ph.D, Etienne Hocquard and Vito Trianni, Ph.D.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Kilogrid website.


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