Productronica Innovation Award - Triumphs for KOMAX and LASELEC
Le 17-01-2018
de Komax AG

Our Sylade 7H insulation stripper won this year’s Productronica Innovation Award in the Cables, Coils & Hybrids Cluster. Two additional nominations, one in the Future Markets Cluster, complete this triumph.

Wonderful news has reached us from Munich. Using a point system, a top-class jury judged applications received from around the world to determine the most innovative products and production processes in a total of six clusters. The awards were presented on 14 November during the get-together evening.

A development of our subsidiary Laselec

The prize-winning Sylade 7H is a watchmaker-grade insulation stripper for manual production on the wire harness workbench. High-precision semiconductor lasers circle around the cable perfectly and cut the insulation to the programmed depth and width with great repetition accuracy. Sylade can handle a wide variety and even the thinnest of insulation materials, as well as non-round lines and insulation like that used in aviation applications. Thanks to semiconductor lasers, Sylade is much more compact and cost-effective than carbon dioxide lasers. Because of this and thanks to the easy and ergonomic operation, this handy device can replace conventional tools.

Komax HMI operating software nominated in the Future Markets Cluster

Two additional Komax innovations earned nominations: the programmable Mira 340 insulation stripping machine in the Cables, Coils & Hybrids Cluster and the completely new Komax HMI operating software in the Future Markets Cluster. It exploits the full functionality of completely automatic cable processing machines. Both nominated products are extremely well-suited for fulfilling our customers’ future requirements.

“The result of an excellent partnership”

“With this year's award, we were able to provide proof of our power of innovation once again", confirms Komax CEO Matijas Meyer with satisfaction. “The award for Sylade, a development of our subsidiary Laselec, is the result of our partnership with numerous experts. The two additional nominations are a clear sign that, thanks to multi-disciplinary thinking, we are able to develop outstanding solutions along the entire value-creation chain for automated cable processing. Therefore, we are extremely well-equipped for leading this market in the future as well.”


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