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A single perturbation can fool deep learning architectures
“Is this your sister?” That’s the kind of question asked by image-recognition systems, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in our...
le 22-03-2017

N°167.771 - Watch Bezel and Ring Resizing Tool.
This tool is designed for adjusting the size of watch bezels and retaining rings by reducing and enlarging as required. Similar to the ...
le 22-03-2017

High speed press BRUDERER BSTA 60 HL
High speed press BRUDERER BSTA 60 HL Voir la société [youtube:7vGpbxrQSrc] ...
le 21-03-2017

ACE Expedition Leg 3
The Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE), launched by the Swiss Polar Institute, completed its third leg of its voyage around th...
le 21-03-2017

ACE Expedition Leg 2
The 2nd Leg of the Ace Expedition, a three-months voyage around Antarctica launched by the Swiss Polar Institute. Voir la société ...
le 21-03-2017

Belimo an der ISH 2017
Highlights an der ISH 2017 Neues, montagefreundliches Sensorsortiment: • Vollständiges Sortiment: Temperatur-, Feuchte-, Luftqualit...
le 20-03-2017

Spiro® - Lockforming Machine 16's Gauge
This powerful Pittsburgh machine comes with 16’s Pittsburgh rolls male and female as standard. Spiro International S.A. is the undisput...
le 15-03-2017

Komax MicroForce 80 – Guaranteeing quality precise and efficient
Contact faults are often the result of crimped insulation and missing strands. To eradicate issues of this nature and guarantee complet...
le 15-03-2017

Komax Alpha 530 – durable investments are more profitable
Solid, reliable technology coupled with innovative solutions ensures and increases your company’s ability to add value. The Alpha 530 –...
le 13-03-2017

Komax MES (CN) – Enterprise manufacturing execution system
Komax MES (CN) – enterprise manufacturing execution system for the wire processing industry 4.0 A state-of-the-art manufacturing exe...
le 13-03-2017

CCI Implantation +
Grâce à CCI Implantation +, les chefs d'entreprise accèdent à un réseau et sont immédiatement opérationnel ! Les CCI : votre premiè...
le 10-03-2017

Muller Machines - CNC cylindrical grinder Studer S 31 CNC
Depuis plus de 90 ans Muller Machines SA s'est forgé une réputation de qualité et de fiabilité dans le monde entier. Visitez sur 15'000...
le 10-03-2017

Institut IESE - HEIG-VD
Clip de présentation de l'institut de recherche IESE -- Institut d'Énergie et Systèmes Électriques -- de la HEIG-VD d'Yverdon-les-Bai...
le 07-03-2017

Valais Wallis Campus Clip
It’s in the heart of Sion, anchored in the city, that EPFL implanted its satellite campus in Valais. In phase with daily life and the u...
le 06-03-2017

Stay in control of your system
WAGO Lighting Management is a proven concept based on predefined hardware and preconfigured application software, which greatly simplif...
le 06-03-2017

BIBUS Imagefilm SINDEX 2016
BIBUS Imagefilm SINDEX 2016 Voir la société [youtube:0n0v8kcUfQE] ...
le 02-03-2017

Présentation CCI Haute-Savoie
Une entreprise au service des entreprises et des territoires... Voir la société [youtube:_t7z3wtoj_A] Ainsi se définit la Cham...
le 02-03-2017

Insect-Inspired Mechanical Resilience for Multicopters
S. Mintchev, S.D. De Rivas and D. Floreano. Insect-Inspired Mechanical Resilience for Multicopters, In IEEE Robotics and Automation Let...
le 28-02-2017

Manufacturing Intelligence in the Smart Factory
What does the manufacturing line in the #SmartFactory look like? How can quality and inspection data be used to inform the manufacturin...
le 28-02-2017

IEMCA Dynamics Emotional Trailer
Dynamics is an amazing company in Brasil! Take a look at the result of 20+ years of partnership with Iemca! Voir la société [yout...
le 27-02-2017
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