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Powerfully Simple Cobot - Introducing the LBR iisy from KUKA
Le 31-05-2018

KUKA makes the difference – with sensitive, light, scalable robotics for every production area. Designing automation to be even more intuitive and introducing it into new areas – that is our passion.

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As a pioneer and driver of innovative automation solutions, we do not define our standards by what already exists, but rather by the needs of the future. Already in 2004, we set a milestone in the history of robotics with the world’s first cobot. Thereupon, we have merged additional strands and interwoven them to form novel production landscapes in which humans, technology and data streams are networked.

The result of this synergy – the LBR iisy – is incredibly effective and impressive both in industrial series production and in environments with dynamic, unstructured workplaces previously closed to automation.


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