SCHOTT employees in Germany donate 7,000 euros to social projects
Le 05-03-2019
de SCHOTT Suisse SA

The employees of the global glass specialist SCHOTT in Germany can donate the cent amount behind the comma for aid projects. This project is called “SCHOTT RestCent”. The donation was now handed over to three aid projects.

The monthly donations from each participant are between 1 and 99 cents. On the paycheck, the donation is hardly noticeable. But in total, an amount of 7,000 euros was raised in the past financial year. As a foundation company, SCHOTT assumes special responsibility for its employees, society and the environment.

The association “Trauernde Eltern und Kinder” ("Mourning parents and children"), which has it’s headquarter in Mainz, received 3,500 euros. "When I received the call from SCHOTT, I was speechless," recalled Gisbert Heppel, chairperson of the non-profit association. "With the money, we can provide more help for children." The association takes care of children who have lost siblings or parents. "Adults and children mourn very differently; we accompany people of all ages professionally and also organize support groups and other activities. Often, it helps if you are not alone with your sorrow," says Gisbert Heppel, who, like all other honorary board members, once lost a child himself.

“Deutscher Kinderschutzbund” (“German Child Protection Association”) is a nationwide working organization with the aim to realize the rights of children and adolescents enshrined in the Basic Law, to promote their development and to counteract any endangerment. It offers a wide range of projects for children and their parents. The association is a contact point for families and children with problems, offers advice and helps and provides information about further help options. With 1,750 euros, more children can be supported. The mayor of Mittereich personally thanked SCHOTT for the great support during the handover.

The association “Stiftland Sternenkinder e.V.” from Mitterteich received a donation of 1,750 euros. The focus and aim of the project is the care, relief and support for families with children who have been suffering from life-shortening illnesses. Trained specialists provide help individually for each family. The proximity to patients and families is especially important.


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