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K-TEAM S.A. - The external K4 charger
Le 13-07-2018
de K-Team S.A.

The external K4 charger is also available now. In complement of the expansion turret, this pack allows you to add a swappable battery on the top of the Khepera IV.

The K4 external charger pack is an option to the expansion board. Composed by two batteries, an external charger and a power supply. It is used to add autonomy to the Khepera IV robot. The additional battery of 3600mAh adds about 5 hours of autonomy to the Khepera IV. It is particulary indicated when you use a Stargazer and / or a LRF module, in order to save the autonomy of the robot.

Another advantage is that you are able to change the additional battery while the nattive battery inside the robot is still powering the robot, making unnecessary to restart your robot and allowing you to run a virtualy unlimited experimentation time.

The additional battery is plugged into the expansion board (not included in the K4 external charger pack).

The pack include two additional batteries and the charger which can charge up to 2 batteries in about 4 hours.


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